chamomile tea benefits

     With increasing interest in herbal therapy population, many allied healing therapies have become very popular. Media have warmly welcomed by some, while others have blamed them. 
Aromatherapy is one therapy, with media channels, receives much positive publicity. Many people accept it and the number of practitioners is growing rapidly every day. With the growing popularity of aromatherapy, have soared and business based onessential oils. 
Chamomile flower is the most sought after by everyone of all essential oils. Delight every sweet smell and is calming to tired muscles. 
The quality Chamomile comes from the Nile Delta - Egypt. Of chamomile tea to get a pleasant fruity aroma, enhanced by sugar or honey. It is often drunk to reduce health problems from anxiety to toothaches. Chamomile has proven to be beneficial in relieving headaches and is a natural relaxing herb well known for those who did not sleep. 
In some circles, chamomile, due to its nature is represented as a tea that promotes sleep, breathing drowsiness. Also help, and digestive disorders by calming the stomach and nerves. 
The botanical name of this plant is Matricaria, derived from the Latin "womb / uterus" because the time was used to treat diseases of women. Chamomile derives from ancient Greek and means "earth apple" on this fruit aroma. 
Like many herbs, teas, not to add milk when eating chamomile, but honey is recommended, lime, cinnamon, lemon, etc. The mixture of chamomile with mint, if for two weeks, five cups a day is beneficial pebtru treating inflammation and muscle problems. 
Adding a few drops of chamomile oil in water bath will also relieve daily stress. If you addle bath in the morning, then expect to be entertained and energetic all day. Using adeodorant scent of chamomile room will add a pleasant whole house. At the same time helps to strengthen hair and solves problems of the hair. 
Chamomile is tonic, stimulant,  bitter, analgesic, aromatic, stomach medicine and antispasmodic. It is generally used for external use to treat inflammation and speed healing and the internal use to treat fever, stomach derajamente, anxiety and insomnia. Composition is used in shampoos for hair gloss offered.  
Clinical trials have clearly shown that when administered as a tea, chamomile has a weak sedative. Chamomile volatile oil tested on animals showed that oral rabbit kidney and the resolve of uremia. This shows that chamomile tea benefits can be used in kidney disease. 
It turned out that chamomile is helpful in reducing inflammation in arthritis. It also relaxes tense muscles of the intestines.
 For those who want to lose weight, of course if you follow a diet to lose weight with chamomile tea.


  1. I used to have monthly migraines that didn't go away with ibuprofen and a 500mg aspirin, all it took was discover a cup a chamomille tea and it's miraculously gone away.

    From then, I officially hate pills:

    Tea as alternative medicine

  2. definitely a cup of chamomile tea is much more useful and beneficial for our health

  3. Chamomile tea is a great product at all

  4. I was slightly cooled and passed me a cup of chamomile tea. is very good if you use preventative for. it is natural

  5. I have treated with chamomile tea a slight cold and was no longer needed to use other medications