what is chamomile tea good for

Who didn't once in life gargling with chamomile tea or appealed to the powers of disinfectant and calming in external use? We know it since we were kids and its specific smell reminds us of Grandma and her remedies. And it's no surprise that this little flower with white petals  has become famous.
The uses of chamomile
Matricaria chamomilla, on his science name , chamomile has many uses in herbal medicine and we can use it in many ways, being considered a universal cure. With chamomile tea is cleaned injuries, acne and various skin disorders. These external use due to which it has anti-inflammatory effect. Gargle with warm chamomile tea is used to calming toothache and neck. He is drunk to treat coughs, bronchitis, mild colds and rheumatism. Thanks to his calming properties, chamomile is part of component teas anticolis for babies and adults gastric. He also is a very popular ingredient of cosmetics.
Effects of chamomile
Chamomile has a tranquilizing effect also on the nervous system. Bath and washing with chamomile are recommended in case of insomnia, chronic fatigue or nervous tension. They are efficient in cases of physical and nervous exhaustion, well as in periods of convalescence. In powder form obtained from flower, chamomile is taken directly or capsule form to treat: insomnia, nervousness, depression, headaches, fever, loss of appetite, neuralgia, constipation, diarrhea, irregular bleeding patterns and intestinal worms.
With fame a natural antibiotic, chamomile is a powerful disinfectant and being administered if the buccal tract inflammation, respiratory or intestinal inflammation. All these properties we recommend and external use in treating the injuries, scratches, cuts and postoperative lesions.
Chamomile in cosmetics
In cosmetics, chamomile is known for its calming effect and is especially recommended for irritated and sensitive skin. It is also recommended that each person, whether has or not problems with skin, wash the face 1-2 times a week with chamomile tea, skin became cleaner, brighter and smoother. To open skin pores and skin cleansing are recommended steam baths with this tea. This shall be made in the following way: the tea is prepared from 2 handfuls of dried flowers, filter and is poured into a receptacle. Hold face for 10-15 minutes, the head being coated with a towel.
Chamomile tea
This is a treasure, not just for skin but also for the  hair. Rinse hair with chamomile tea is silky, bright and strong roots. It also can be used as a natural colorant, giving golden reflections of persons with light hair.
Chamomile oil
Chamomile oil is used externally, calming and treating rheumatic pains. This oil massages on the hands and feets affected of slight semi-paralysis reinvigorates the patient. Few drops of chamomile oil put in the ear relieves otitis. This product is prepared as follows: Fill a bottle with fresh flowers chopped finely and pour over them cold pressed olive oil. The oil should cover about 1 cm, 1.5 cm the flowers. Let soak 14 days, shaking the bottle 2-3 times a day. After this period, oil is filter and put in a dark bottle and kept in frige.
Chamomile floral water
This water also has anti-inflammatory properties, calming skin irritations, allergic reactions and redness. Also, regenerating and cicatrizing properties, promotes repair of skin tissue. It is sprayed on the face and neck, after the skin has been clear in advance. Then apply on wet skin the cream usually used. Flower water can also be an ingredient for cosmetic products. Thus, it can enter into the composition face masks, the blond hair balm, a calming milk for applying after sun exposure, a makeup remover. In combination with clay is obtained a mask very efficient for cleaning all types of hair. In case of eye irritation, swollen eyelids, bags and tired eyes, can be apply on eye dressings with the flower water or chamomile te.


  1. I know that chamomile tea is useful in cosmetics for my face I often used this tea

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  3. Chamomile tea is also useful as a hair product. I used it on my nieces' hair when she was a child, she was sensitive to hair products, it works great. Once brewed it will keep in the refrigerator for a few days and can be spritzed on dry or wet hair.