chamomile tea for pimples

You are dealing with numerous pimples, blackheads. Are problems that occur quite often and which give us headaches at any age. There are numerous cosmetic treatments, medications and yet  the problem is not yet solved!
Acne generally appears in people who have oily skin and creams are not exactly the most appropriate! These loaded the skin and result the pimples. So best would be you use natural cleaning products! And what can be better than the chamomile tea?
You should know that the results will not appear immediately but you will certainly be pleased! It is a treatment that can be applied irrespective of time and quite easy! Everything depends just a thorough cleaning of the skin!
Several times a day put on your face with chamomile tea. It will remove grease and impurities on the face, but will also have cicatrizing role. Do not forget to apply on the neck.
If the external treatment I solved the problem, you have to take care and of the internal nutrition to be as healthy. Consume a few cups of chamomile tea per day and remove chocolate from food! In his place chooses fruits and vegetables!

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