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Try to find an alternative to drugs, chemicals used.
Aroma, flavor and health benefits of chamomile tea is unmistakable, but beyond them, chamomile flower is the remedy for a wide range of diseases.
Eliminates migraines
A cup of chamomile tea helps to get rid of a headache clash. As soon as you feel the emergence of pain, get on to prepare infusion!
Protects your skin
This carefully wipe any trace of eczema, burning or dermatitis. For that you need to apply the chamomile oil or compresses with the infusion and add the marshmallow leaves.
Cure for babies
This tea together with Cumin is given baby, in doses of one teaspoon, it will calm colic, and red spots on the body disappears after a bath with this infusion.
Efficient against dental diseases
You had do anything to disappear toothaches or abscesses? With chamomile tea benefits calm down immediately. Rinse mouth with him every half an hour, and painful place you in a few minutes.
Provides easy digestion
Chamomile tea is recognized as an antiseptic. In combination with diet and medication, treating gastritis, colitis, enterocolitis. An enema with it banishes infusion and constipation.
Banish insomnia
Drink one cup before bedtime and the relaxing fragrance of chamomile essential oil has the ability to keep insomnia away.
Get rid of cystitis
Intense pain and tension in the abdomen caused by urinary infection disappears if you drink three cups a day, because the herb acts as an antiseptic and diuretic.
Close wounds
Compresses with oil or tincture are beneficial for dermatitis, burns and eczema. They are also known for the speed with which it deals. Prepare infusion of a spoonful of herb and a cup of boiling water.
Relieves menstrual pain
The ancient Egyptians used this plant to ease menstrual pain. Why not try and you? Increase the level of glycine, a compound of urine, which relieves muscle spasms.
Good for diabetics
Japanese researchers are confident that if you drink every day, before each meal, lowers blood sugar and diabetic complications are preventable so.
Improves vascular diseases
For vascular diseases are effective with bathrooms 50-60 g of flowers placed in a gauze bag that you poured boiling water or is the infusion of Chamomile.
You get rid of vices
Dried Chamomile flower buds and chew when you desire to light a cigarette, convince you to give up the idea. Is as good a cup of tea sweetened with honey.
Essential oils blend helps rheumatics
A massage with essential oil of chamomile calms symptoms of rheumatic joints due to anti-inflammatory effect. Moreover, if you feel tired feet, the oil will be light again.
Treat liver diseases
Infusion of a mixture of chamomile with bluebottles, celandine, mint, artichokes,  is effective for liver disease. Relieves pain and decongests, at the same time acting as an antiseptic and anti-inflammatory.
Avoid this herb if you :
-        you're pregnant, because it stimulates contractions
-        you are allergic to plants of the same family: chrysanthemums, marigold, daisies
This flower and plant are one of the most used in the world, on which they were made and most research. Moreover, this alternative herbal medicine is used since ancient times by the Greeks and Romans.
There are several varieties - of which the most common are the German (Matricaria recutita) and Roman (Anthemis nobilis). German chamomile was more frequently the object of scientific research and is believed to be the richest in terms of benefits, therefore it is also cultivated on surfaces that are more extensive than the Roman. The second, in contrast, is much more used in cosmetics as a main ingredient, with role in calming and smoothness of the skin.
Its main active components are: chamazulene, apigenin and bisabolol (levomenol).
Essential oils obtained from this plant is widely used in cosmetics and aromatherapy.
-Chamazulenul of composition of this plant is an emollient, anti-inflammatory, disinfectant, decongestiv and antiallergic.
-Bisabololul content it has in addition  and antibacterial role. For this reason it is often found in the composition of cosmetic masks, creams and ointments. -Creams that have in their composition and chamomile extract helps to moisturize and nourish your skin and may be useful in calming inrosite complexions and irritated.
-Extract is an adjudvant in the treatment of inflammation and irritations caused by acne on the face and body. With a good skin care and other treatments prescribed by dermatologist, the extract can be of great help in healing acne.
Therapeutic use of chamomile extract:
-Extract acts upon all tissues in the body, mainly on the skin and mucous membranes. May be useful in relieving inflammation and skin irritations, spot, even if the efficiency of the extract has not been clinically proven and has no side effects



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