chamomile side effects

Chamomile is generally considered safe and nontoxic.
However, there are situations where this herb so used may be harmful. Chamomile tea is renowned for his quality of the natural antibiotic and disinfectant. But, administered for long periods of time, this may lead to impaired of intestinal flora, an effect that it has and synthetic antibiotics.
Although quite rarely, there have been cases of allergic reaction to chamomile, including quite severe reactions.
These can be caused by "crossbreeding" of chamomile with similar plants. Chamomile is part of the composites family,  same which contains daisies, asters and countless flowers that can cause allergic reactions,  such as firugina and wormwood.
Besides allergic reaction, the worst side effect of chamomile is his anticoagulant activity. The fault is coumarin (poison), which can intervenes in the blood clotting, for example do not use chamomile together with aspirin or other substances that have the anticoagulant properties. To some can cause lassitude. And in large quantities can cause vomiting and vomiting gas.
Should be avoided essential oil and chamomile tincture by women who are pregnant.
Drugs that interact with chamomile
Chamomile interacts with anticoagulants such as warfarin, but also with medications recommended for people with high blood pressure. For this reason, consistent consumption of chamomile tea during administration of such pills can cause bleeding for those taking anticoagulants, respectively high blood if the person takes antihypertensive. Also interacting with sedative medications and alcohol.

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