chamomile tea for babies

Chamomile tea for babies is useful to relieve discomfort of the stomach. Babies who suffer from of stomach problems cry a lot. In such cases, chamomile tea is a certain remedy for pain relief.
When the babies cry  we are presupposing that it is a natural thing. Often, the babies cry  because they want milk  from their mother. This is normal and is nothing to worry about. Crying is the only way  by which us can  the announce the babies to need. Actually, the doctors say that crying is beneficial for children. However, in some cases, seem that never stop of crying. This indicates that the baby have a problem. How can we stop the endless crying of the child in this situation? Well, chamomile tea comes to help.
The babies which cry for more than 3:00 hours are considered as babies with colic. Although the exact cause of crying,  out of control is still an unknown, the doctors, after extensive research tends to think that this unusual behavior is caused by stomach problems or digestive  affections. Chamomile tea has the healing properties and is used for many years to help us to sleep better. It is also used for relieving stress and anxiety. It's not surprising that recent studies have discovered that daily are consumed over 1 million cups of tea. Many people drink it before going to bed in order to help them to sleep.
As I mentioned above, babies which continually cry can be bothered by the gastrointestinal problems. Once with the administration of chamomile tea, pains disappear and the baby it stops obnoxious crying for parents. Studies have shown that for children chamomile tea is very efficiently against of colicky crisis. This herbal tea will ease the pain and  will diminish considerably the discomfort in the stomach.
Quantities of chamomile tea for children
Chamomile tea, warm and not hot, administered in small quantities,  to babies with colicky,  help reduce stomach pain. The consumption of chamomile tea improves the functioning of the digestive system, reducing and stomach ache. However, there is no need by  a whole cup of tea a baby. A few tablespoons are sufficient to pain relief. Too high doses are not recommended.


  1. chamomile tea is really good for babies. My nephew has consumed a lot and it helped

  2. is very good to use chamomile tea for babies, it is recommended even by doctors